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Spaces where signs can benefit your school

Spaces where signs can benefit your school

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Communication with students, staff, faculty, parents and visitors remains an integral part of any school’s operations. Signs and graphics have always been used to provide direction, impart information and inspire motivation, both indoors and out.  

Every school, no matter the level, has many related environments that each have their own specific requirements. When looking at classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, theaters, libraries – and the hallways that connect them all together – having a strong, consistent and cohesive communication effort is key. 

With that in mind, here are key spaces your school should look to feature new or upgraded signage: 

1. School exterior: Your school’s exterior and outdoor spaces may be one of the most challenging places to address with signage. It’s highly visible and is the first place that students and visitors see when they arrive, so it’s a prime spot to convey vital information.  

Yard signs can can also be used to promote upcoming events like prom, homecoming, sporting events, arts events or others. As people get closer to the main entrance, use A-frames to help inform them of rules and policies, or to guide them to a specific entrance.  

If you have a large campus, directional signage can help point everyone to where they need to be. Plus, if there are restrictions on parking lot usage, having signage that clearly communicates enforcement times and eligibility can greatly reduce confusion among visitors (and reduce the number of complaints your staff receives!)

2. Lobby: The lobby is an important area to make a strong impression. However, they can quickly become overcrowded, so you’ll need to strategically place signs accordingly. Use pedestal signs, which are easily moveable and highly visible, to reinforce school policies or to highlight time-sensitive information. 

Also, make sure everyone can easily get where they are going with easily identifiable directory and wayfinding signage. Don’t contribute to uncertainty by forgetting to update these signs as faculty changes or departments move. 

If you're looking for a display solution that can easily be transported, and also updated with new messaging as situations change, retractable banner stands give you options that allow for messaging to be moved throughout the facility. 

Signs for School Walls3. Administrative Offices: As one of the first areas that many visitors to your campus will go, the main reception area should make the right impression. Use wall graphics and murals to create an atmosphere that complements your school’s branding and visual identity. If your school has notable alumni, sponsors or donors, create a dimensional wall display to honor their legacy and impact on your institution.  

4. Hallways: Left to its own devices, a school hallway can become a crowded, cluttered mess of students. Help maintain the flow of foot traffic through your halls between classes with the right signage and graphics. 

Floor graphics can help enforce one-way traffic through specific areas, or can encourage the creation of lanes in larger hallways. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to motivate your students, either – hallways are ideal for ceiling banners and wall graphics that showcase achievements and provide inspirational messaging. 

5. Restrooms: Health and hygiene best practices have been strongly enforced over the last couple of years, and that shouldn’t slide to the sidelines now that you’re entering your “new normal.” Remind students and staff of handwashing practices by placing graphics on bathroom mirrors; mirrors are actually great surfaces for vinyl graphics that can withstand increased amounts of cleaning.  

6. Gymnasium and Sports Arenas: Your school’s athletic facilities are a perfect place to showcase  school spirit for athletes and fans alike. Use ceiling banners to showcase past championships or notable alumni, and ensure your logo stands out on the court with a well-designed floor graphic. Window and wall graphics can help remind students, visitors and guests of your campus’s rules and policies, too. 

We know that every school and educational institution is unique and faces its own set of challenges. We’re here to discuss solutions for not just these handful of spaces, but for any other areas that may need a visual refresh. An integrated signage system can create a safe, flexible and inspirational learning environment that helps all your students feel motivated and confident. 

When you’re ready to start on visual communications for your school or campus, contact the pros at Image360 – we’re here to help! 

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